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3rd Party

I only do deals for paintball equipment.

Shipping is not included. Since I send everything with tracking or Delivery Confirmation (even money orders), you need to make sure to include enough to cover those expenses. Usually $15 will cover it for just anything that weighs less than 5 lbs or fits in a USPS flat rate box. If it is a cash/marker transaction, there is only one set of inspection fees but it will cost $5 for me to forward a money order since it will be sent priority. If the marker comes with a bottle, loader or more, it usually will need more than $15. If you want it overnighted, up to $500 in insurance*, signature delivery, something shipped to another country** or any other additional service, please let me know. You will need to pay for it.

I expect batteries to be installed and have enough charge for testing or there will be a charge.

Products are expected to be in the condition as described. This is not a repair service. I will attempt to mediate the deal when things do not show up as described. Short videos can even be taken.

If a product is not as described and the buyer does not want it because of the discrepancy, the seller is expected to pay for the testing and shipping to return the item.

I will leave feedback, and it will clearly say 3rd party on Pbnation, Automag Owners and MCB.

The  fee includes me inspecting one marker, gassing it up and shooting it over a chrono to check for reasonably consistent velocity, no leaks and basic marker and eye function.

I generally ship Monday to Friday. I generally ship markers the following day after I get them. I will print the packing slip the night before and email you the details. Please check the address before noon the following day. Please let me know when items have arrived so I can make sure to be on the lookout for it.Please do not send cash through the mail. Use a Money Order made out to me for fees and a Money Order made out to the other party if you are purchasing something.

Contact me via pm at Hobbyhorse on pbnation after you've made your purchase.

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