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New info for International Buyers

Updated 02/05/13

Our international shipping rates have changed dramatically.  Based on the charges from USPS we've had to almost double our shipping prices out of the country.  Please understand we make no additional profit from shipping international, these are the rates we are being charged by USPS.


Often we get the question- why not ship first class instead of Global Priority?  Shipping Global Priority protects both of us- I can ship faster to you from our base of operations, both of us can track shipments, and the package is insured by Paypal and gurantees you will get your order.


So the end result is we know we are going to lose a lot of international business because of these shipping rates.  We understand this and are sorry to lose the opportunity to take care of you.  Remember our shipping is a flat rate- place an order with several of your friends, do a team order, and leverage the costs down.  Thanks for the opportunity to serve  you for the past five years.  We know your orders are an opportunity to earn your trust, and we hope we've earned it over the years.  Thanks again.


Large orders-
Anyone placing an international order (any order shipping to an address outside of the United States) with a large total, generally $50.00 or more, must contact me before sending payment to inquire about shipping rates. In the case of a large order there may be an additional shipping cost above the $10.00 base cost for International Shipping. We are instating this policy to aid customers placing large international orders. In these instances, shipping costs will be calculated on a case-by-case basis for accuracy.

Example sample orders that this would apply to are shown below:

    * Sample Order 1
    * - 10x Microfiber Cloth, Blue ($30.00)
    * - 3x Dye Battleswab ($12.00)
    * - 10x Duracell Procell 9-Volt Battery ($20.00)
    * Total before shipping: $62.00

    * Sample Order 2
    * - 10x Lightning Feed ($100.00)
    * Total before shipping: $100.00

    * Sample Order 3
    * - 3x Hex Key Set ($15.00)
    * - 5x O-ring Pick ($10.00)
    * - 5x Fill Nipple Cover ($10.00)
    * - 1x Tri-flow Oil ($5.00)
    * - 1x 5.3oz Dow 33 Lube ($20.00)
    * Total before shipping: $60.00